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Safe Sex

I always take great care to only offer safe sex. I never take any risks and take my sexual health very seriously.

Super-Gonorrhoea has now become resistant to antibiotics. Hopes are now on developing a vaccine but in the meantime ?

The occurrence of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and AIDs have risen in the last few years and sadly this is not commonly known.

I'm sure you already know this but any man or woman regularly having several sexual partners, having safe sex or not, would be warmly welcome at any sexual health clinic. (your GP is never informed).

I have a selection of condoms and personal quality lubricants (never baby oil !). So rest assured you will be in safe, experienced hands. Be aware that condoms only split or come off because:

  1. they are out of date

  2. not put on properly (long finger nails can split a condom) air in teat expelled at start of roll down

  3. the wrong lubricant is used, example; baby oil will perish a condom in seconds, even lipstick.

  4. not taken out of packet carefully

  5. after use not removed from the penis carefully

Experience really does make a difference.


GFE - Girl Friend Experience

The classic escort booking, you can take your time to feel comfortable in my company, no rush. Tell me what you like and what you want to achieve from our session. I listen and understand your needs - pleasuring you is my aim. Sensuous erotic ecstasy is all yours and then later if you want cuddles and warmth this can complete your loving Girl Friend Experience but if you need to quickly depart this I understand too.


Dinner Date

A really lovely, relaxing way to begin our enjoyment of each other. I can meet you for dinner at your hotel, South East, London (Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea). Our intimate dinner together is untimed, then one hour personal time at your hotel. Deposit (£50) required for new clients and Advance bookings, remaining fee paid, cash or card when we meet in your hotel room before restaurant see cancellations.

Note: If you cancel at short notice, your deposit is non-refundable. If you've booked in advance and cancel within 48 hours of your booking I will refund your deposit and any fees paid in advance.

Please note, I can only refund to your bank account not to your credit card, as all credit card transactions are processed by a third party (Delivery Code).

Please note - if you do cancel a booking for whatever reason, any future booking requests will not be accepted.

If, in the very unlikely event I have to cancel your Booking, I guarantee to refund your deposit and any fees you may have already paid.



If I'm travelling a distance, i.e. over an hour, two hour minimum booking only.

Available from 10:00 to early evening, Brighton, Southern Counties, Chichester, Horsham, Eastbourne, Surrey and London (Westminster). Gatwick and Heathrow areas - Airport hotels only. I require at least two hours notice and a deposit.

I aim to be punctual, if I'm running late I will call you. I always dress smartly and am extremely discreet.



Outcalls to your Hotel

If I'm travelling a distance, i.e. over an hour, (South West, Kent, Heathrow Airport and London) two hour minimum booking only. I call your hotel to confirm you are a guest, so please provide your real name. See Privacy Statement.


Hotel Health Spa Guest.

I would really enjoy being with you in your hotel spa, I can be quite naughty in the Jacuzzi !

I will meet you in your hotel room, then join you in your hotel spa, having fun in the pool, Jacuzzi etc. Your affectionate girlfriend in public. I always dress appropriately, ie, stylish one piece swimsuit, no bikini or nudity. Then back to your room for room service refreshments, then one hour personal service just for you, sexy passionate fun ! Or if you belong to a country club with spa facilities (not a nude sauna) then I can come back to your hotel, home or my flat depends where we are.


London Bookings

Bookings are usually in Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, Hyde Park and Holland Park areas, your home or hotel. Minimum booking two hours this includes my travelling costs.


Fly Me to You

I will travel to the Channel Islands, France, Scotland and Leeds for a booking at your home or hotel. Perfect Date (going out and private time) my fee applies plus travelling expenses - buy my outgoing and return flight tickets, email to me or leave for my collection at Gatwick Airport email your enquiry for a quote. I do not travel to Italy, Spain or Ireland.

Visiting your Yacht

I enjoy bookings on your yacht, I'm experienced 'crew' so know the ropes ! I bring my own deck shoes too. When you book I do check with the Harbour Master first to confirm where you are berthed. Sometimes a Dinner Date at your marina restaurant can be a nice start to your booking. I can meet you at the restaurant my fee given to me when we meet (discreetly in an envelope please). I can travel to Brighton, Eastbourne, Chichester and Southampton marinas.


Day & Night Away

Accompanying you on a business trip, short break abroad or in UK. Minimum 2 nights. All my expenses, travel, hotel, meals etc paid by client. Deposit £400 paid on Booking, remaining fee paid in full when we meet. I can travel with you or alone to join you if you are already away on business. I collect my ticket at departure from Gatwick or Heathrow airports.


Perfect Date

I travel to meet you, car, train or Fly Me to You and attend a function, social occasion, theatre, party, casino or race meetings with you as your girlfriend/companion and yes even a funeral? I'm very confident, experienced, understanding the social etiquette for any occasion. We can agree a little story beforehand about who I am to avoid awkward questions.

Perfect Date is usually over an afternoon and evening. We would have a meal and drink together (I'm a very modest drinker). Then private time at your home/hotel (1 hr) all expenses met by client see Fees. Functions outside my areas, plus travel expenses. Any other occasions, email your enquiry. Please also see cancellations.


Male Coaching - sexual healing

Are you an older professional man feeling stuck, conflicted, confused, empty, unappreciated, demotivated and sad - even despite the fact that you're successful ? and worst of all your not getting any sex. You may feel you behave badly around women or have intrusive sexual urges which you know are wrong. Then I can help, not by just having sex with me but understanding what drives you and what is lacking in your life, helping to balance out your negative feelings and of those around you too.

Just being able to talk to someone about sexual 'things' who will not judge you, can be completely trusted and who will understand will lift a huge burden from your shoulders and allow you to take action and change your life, becoming a much happier man.


Sexual Surrogate

Are you unsure around women? do you find it hard to chat someone up and do you wonder why you don't get sex as often as you would like. You feel embarrassed or dirty having to masturbate so much or having difficulty maintaining an erection when having sex. I understand and I can help you - not by just having great sex with me but more than that. I can help you understand why sexual problems are happening and tormenting you.

I do not expect to have sex with you, it will only happen within your session if you really feel you want to. Your outcome will give you confidence, satisfaction and empower you to move forward with a sexual relationship with a woman or maybe a man. Several sessions will help you greatly.

I have had several years of training in Sexual Therapy and together with my successful escorting career understand mens' sexual problems extremely well.

Incall £200 Deposit £50 required for initial booking see cancellations.


Prostate Massage

Strong climax within minute. This massage is not only a wonderful, intense experience but helps to keep the prostate gland healthy too. Personal service can also be included but not usually needed, as this is such a strong climax, more info.

Naughty Nurse fantasy can be combined and works well with prostate massage.


Disabled clients

I'm very caring and have loads of patience and am very happy to see clients (male or female) in their own home or hotel disabled room as an Outcall only. Your PA can assist/be your chaperone if needed. Any age over 25. Clients should have good personal hygiene. Please note: I do not physically lift a client. See my listing on TLC website for disabled men and women.


Cross Dressers and Trans. CD, TV, TS, TG

Enjoy a sexy dressing up session just with me, do bring your own clothes, makeup, wigs etc. I do have some clothes, a few larger sized lacy babydoll nighties, panties and various wigs which you may like to wear. A 'how to' manicure with red or girly pink polish can also be provided (optional removal at end of your session). Further sexual delights may be possible and also Incall refreshments are provided. Please book two hours.


Adult Babies AB

Come and enjoy a warm, loving Adult Baby session. Bathing, play, dressing, nappies and outfits. Breast feeding, cuddling, bedtime story. Please bring your own nappies and clothes. Buy AB Bootees. I have a few things but not everything you may need. NOTE TO NEW BABIES, 'ADULT BABIES DO NOT HAVE SEX'


Clothed Sex

I enjoy sex with my clothes on but I wear clothes that are easy to access. This fantasy must be agreed with type of clothing at booking but no tearing or ripping of clothes is acceptable.


Christmas & New Year Availability and Bookings

If you feel you need to break away from the family Christmas celebrations and have some special time, just for you - receiving something you've always really wanted (me) for Christmas! or at New Year, book me for an exciting, naughty, sexy and thrilling time. Usually an Incall but I will visit you at your hotel. I may arrive in my mink coat, with not much else underneath! or you can request any outfit, just for you.

My Christmas or New Years Day fee is an extra £40 for any booking - Advance Bookings only - Deposit £60 applies, remaining fee paid on my arrival.














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