How to book an escort and escorts fees

Helpful information and tips when booking an escort in the UK

These helpful tips are based on those written by Alexia

When contacting an escort for the first time, key points to remember are:

  • Be polite and respectful, escorts are professional people who take their work seriously. They are looking for clients who are equally serious in their intention to employ them and will be used to emails etc from 'time wasters', so ensure that your email, text or telephone call does not suggest you fall into this category!

  • If it is your first time, then tell the escort. Escorts warmly welcome newcomers to the industry and will ensure that you are put at your ease. If you have any concerns then mention these too. Include practical details in your email, your name, telephone number, times you would be available and the location you prefer. You will also need to speak to the escort before any booking can be agreed.

  • Above all, remember that an escort is not someone you have to impress as you would a conventional date, she is not a girlfriend. So you can be blatantly honest about what you like sexually without fear of them being either shocked or judgmental.

  • If an escort does not think she would be suitable for you, she will tell you and will not accept any further calls from you.

Calling, Emailing, Texting whatever you do, do NOT send one line emails/text such as: 'nice tits, how much for an hour? or: call and say 'can I come round right away, I have money, what's your address ?' Also don't just txt saying 'U working'? You will not receive a response and usually get 'blocked'. If you are genuine and really want to make a booking. Then a better enquiry is: Hi, I loved your pictures and am interested in seeing you for a one-hour appointment, would you be available on such a day ... , thanks, or txt, 'I've seen your website, I'd love to meet you, is this a good time to call you' ? You will almost certainly receive a reply.

Respect her need for security. It should never be underestimated the risks that female escorts are susceptible to in the course of their employment. The risks however can be greatly reduced by escorts that follow safety precautions when meeting new clients for the first time, the Internet has gone a long way in helping her do this.

If you call the escort by telephone using your landline or mobile do not withhold your number. This shows the escort you are being secretive and could be viewed as suspicious or devious, usually she will not answer your call. So if you want to make a good impression and secure a booking be open about who you are. Of course, there is a risk that some dubious escorts may pursue you after a booking but this is very rare. Listen to her response to your request for a booking, is she too quick to accept, making promises that maybe are too good to be true? but if she seems friendly but a bit cautious of you, stating what she requires from you to accept your booking, then you should have made a good choice in an escort.

If you find an escort you like by her own personal website, you will be able to see if she is reputable and professional by her statements on her site or feedback on others. This will show her standards and those she requires from her clients. Be wary of large popular websites, just advertising escorts, who often offer unrealistic fees and promises. Often showing encouraging Feedback which can be easily falsified.

If you have made an enquiry and spoken to an escort about her services but not made a booking, don't expect her to continue to take repeat enquiry calls from you. If she does not reply or answer your calls, then accept the fact you are not the type of client she feels comfortable doing business with. Don't waste your time repeatedly telephoning in the hope of just talking to her again or expecting her to change her mind. Making repeat calls will lead to your number being 'blocked'.

If an escort shows her 'availability times' on the Internet, do call within those hours, it is pointless calling/texting her at 2 am for example, when she states she only takes bookings up to 22:00 hours and expect her to be ready to take your booking. Her phone will be switched off and you could get 'blocked' as a nuisance caller.

Hotel Bookings (Outcall) If your booking is at a hotel, she will call the hotel to confirm your reservation or ask to speak to you in your room, some may even require official identification such as a driving licence/passport. In the UK it is not illegal to book an escort to come to your hotel room but it is if she meets you in the hotel bar first, this is classed as soliciting and is illegal. So don't ask to meet her this way, she will come to your room and then, together, you can both come down to the hotel bar or restaurant this is legal. For instance, if an escort comes to your room for a short visit, leaves and then goes alone into the bar for a drink afterwards, this could also be construed as soliciting.

Paying Fees if you pay escorts with a card by phone, online or bank transfers. Make sure the escort/agency are using a reputable, secure payment processing online site - easily checked online.

Deposits some escorts now request a small deposit from a new client when they book, this is because a lot of clients cancel at the last minute, or worse still do not even turn up for their booking. The escort will have gone to a lot of trouble preparing herself and the accommodation she is offering ready for the clients' visit and/or she has made arrangements for her travel to visit you (Outcall). If you feel unable to pay a deposit then do not try to book an escort who is requesting a deposit.

Overnight bookings usually starts with dinner at your hotel around 19:00 and then later, private time in your room. This can often be a good time to experience any fantasy role play or other scenarios you may want to try. Expect to pay and provide drinks/room service, often throughout the night. In the morning offer her room service breakfast, don't expect her to stay longer than the agreed time and she will want to leave the hotel alone.

Overnight Fees a larger deposit is paid online at the time of booking, the remainder of the fee is paid online or in cash on her arrival at your hotel.

Never expect an Overnight Booking if you have only paid for an hour but occasionally an hours booking can run into an Overnight but this would only be agreed once any additional fee is paid online for an independent escort or paid via her agency. Never expect to pay for the overnight services the next day, escorts always require payments at the start of any booking, never, ever, expect or ask to pay her afterwards.

Safety if an escort feels comfortable with you she will relax and you will both have a great time together but be aware that each escort will have taken her own safety measures beforehand regarding her safety and security. These may not seem obvious to you, that is the intention, measures will be in place behind the scenes. If you have any reservations or concerns regarding an escorts security arrangements, i.e. is there a driver parked nearby? then voice these questions before you confirm a booking so a compromise can me made where both parties feel happy and secure. Discretion is important to both escorts and clients alike, it is the very backbone of the industry and it would not survive without it!

Security not just for the escort but for you too. Usually an escort will cover their own taxi fares, be aware of this at booking but you may be asked, on her arrival to go out and pay a waiting taxi, beware she is a stranger alone in your house? Give her the money to pay the taxi and if you have quite a lot of cash in the house, keep it concealed and out of sight also don't leave valuables in your bathroom, like you watch. Expect an escort to take her bag with her to the bathroom - she is wary of you too.

Fees, Rates & Charges

There is no fixed fee rate within the escort industry but here is general guide:

London and Major Cities: 200 to 350 per hour depending on service provided and status/appearance of escort. Most escorts have a discounted rate for three to five hours consecutively and overnight appointments range between 800 to 1500. Be aware some agencies who advertise a much lower hourly rate will in fact expect much more from you when the escort arrives. You will be asked for extra money for extra services you'd thought were included, ie taxi's, condoms, lubes etc. So the initial cheap £100 fee you've paid can easily become £200 or more.

UK National: 150 to 200 per hour and overnight appointments 500 and 1000. Expenses during the date, such as drinks, dinner, accommodation are payable by the client.

Escorts will almost always provide condoms, accessories, toys, punishment equipment, massage oil, lubricants etc. Any toy that can be inserted should be new and in a sealed packet.

Why are Escort Fees so Expensive ?

Newcomers to the world of escorting may initially consider an escorts hourly rate to be extremely high, however - please consider the following to avoid common misconceptions regarding an escorts income:

  • Escorts do not work a 40 hour week (apart from the rare occasion of accompanying a client on holiday). Competition is fierce and an escort is more likely to work two or three appointments per week only, sometimes not even as much as one!

  • There is no holiday pay, no sick pay, a risk to personal health and the major risks to personal safety. Often severe fatigue due to emotional 'giving' has to be endured. Due to current public opinion, there is also the risk of a damaged reputation if the escorts 'career' were exposed to family and friends.

  • An escort needs to have an extensive wardrobe of clothes, shoes and lingerie, as these are not everyday clothing they can be very expensive. In addition, other consumables such as make-up, perfume, stockings, condoms etc. Other costs such as child care and travelling and hotel expenses may have to be accounted for too.

  • An escort will often also need to spend time and money on her physical appearance, personal grooming and fitness are of course paramount for the work she is doing. She will also often be leading a double life from her friends and family and with that comes it's own stresses and sacrifices.

  • When you meet an escort she will often have spent a couple of hours getting ready beforehand, maybe travelling for an hour or longer, not forgetting she also has a return journey to make later when she may be tired. We asked three independent escorts that charge between 150 and 300 per hour to calculate their 'actual' hourly rate when taking all these things into account. The result was an average net earning of between 25 and 35 per hour!

  • An escort has to learn to be mentally prepared to meet a person that she may not find physically or mentally attractive or could in fact be repulsed by - she has to be charming and at her 'best' despite how she feels personally.

  • Don't expect an Incall (visiting the escort at her home, hotel or rented room) to be cheaper than an Outcall (to your home/hotel). She is providing and paying for all the accommodation - how much would a hotel room cost you? She will offer a shower/bath, clean towels, refreshments etc. Also she is giving you her 'address' and runs a risks of unwelcome interest from neighbours/landlord.

  • And yes, escorts do actually pay tax, not surprising really, if she needs to show income to get a loan to buy the new car ? Escorting is an accepted discreet legal business and comes under the tax category of Entertainer.

To counter the above an escort needs AN INCENTIVE - MONEY is the sole incentive, and it has to be high, both in order for her to continue in the trade and also to enjoy it! A lot of escorts do get a personal, rewarding satisfaction in providing a good service and giving pleasure to a man. She is temporarily renting herself and lovely body to you, not 'selling herself' as it is sometimes believed. It brings out the kind, caring, giving and loving part of her nature but only limited to the time she spends with you. Don't expect that after one meeting the escort will then, naturally become your girlfriend, that is highly unlikely.

The most important thing to consider and to ultimately accept and respect, is that you simply cannot compare the value or worth of a conventional employee such as a Personal Assistant or Personal Trainer with a Sex Worker that provides not just personal but intimate, sexual services. The value has nothing to do with what a client deems worthy of the services provided.

It is about what the Sex Worker deems is worthy to her!

For each individual this will be different and justifiable only to her.













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