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fantasy secretary, sexy thighs


Sexy Secretary/PA

smart business suit, stockings and suspenders, she will work late, just for you. She'll take down more than just her shorthand. She loves fast and furious sex on your desk or under it - or is she unzipping your trousers for a BJ whilst you sit very still ?

Job interview: I can show you how to fill the tight but open, moist and eager vacant position - she will be very satisfied with your! the job's yours !!

Clothed sex: I remain clothed and will enjoy having sex with you. I have a range of easy access, seductive clothes.

Porn Star Audition: you will need to strip and show her what you've got ? then prove you have the stamina to give a really good show.

fantasy nurse uniform, huge cleavage

Naughty, Bad Nurse

A full intimate examination, to make sure you are 'fit'. Naughty Nurse will make you strip. Then with her little rubber gloves a full check up will follow, probing those innermost regions. Then soothing cream will be applied to reduce any swollen areas or maybe full seduction therapy will be necessary.

Naughty Bad Nurse is easily seduced, lift that little cotton uniform and find her hot, moist knickers, needing to be peeled down by you. She loves it , Naughty Nurse loves to make patients feel better but watch out for Matron, she is likely to catch you 'at it'

fantasy pirate girl, cotton petticoats

Busty Pirates' Wench

Raunchy and sexy, this very warm and friendly bar maid who serves at the Black Pearl Inn is known as the 'Pirates' Wench'

She'll serve you ale, if requested.

So why not experience the 'Pirates' Wench' fantasy ? see her slowly slide her lacy top down, revealing big breasts with hard, pink nipples ready for sucking. She eagerly wants you now - just slide up those ragged, satin skirts, feel the crisp, cotton petticoats and warm, easily parted thighs, hot, moist and ready for you but watch out the 'Customs men may come calling'.

who took that slice? fantasy role play

Sexy Comely Housekeeper/Aunty (never your mother)

Warm and buxom, she will intimately, fondly, care and feed you. A real cake can be made with your help and baked in your kitchen if wanted, while it's baking and you can lick the bowl out and other moist crevices might need licking too. Then you can 'have your cake and eat it', in more ways than one - lucky boy !


Or an outline of what you would like, if I'm interested I will reply. No Taboo or mother/son

Remember Velvet gives you permission to be who you want to be - as long as it's legal !

Looking for something different, have you been a bad boy, do you need dominating, punishing or humiliating ?









































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