» Will you go BB 'bareback' ?

» Is it legal to see an escort in the UK ?

» Will you give me a BJ 'blow job' without a condom - 'OWO' 'uncovered' ?

» Will you just give me a BJ 'blow job' ?

» I've not seen an escort before, how do I make a booking with you ?

» Can I visit you, an Incall ?

» Can I give you oral ?

» Do you do 'anal' ?

» Do you do 'rimming' ?

» What is prostate massage ?

» I've used a dildo before for anal play, I've heard this is dangerous, why ?

» All I want is a massage ?

» Will you see me weekly for just a spanking, hand relief or chastity keyholder ?

» Why is a mature escort so different ?

» Why would I visit an escort, I'm a married man, surely an affair would be better ?

» Can I worship your feet and masturbate over them - Foot Worship ?

» In Role Play will you be my mother ?

» Will you come to health spa with me ?

» Will you come to a nude sauna with me ?

» Can I pay for escort services with a credit card online ?

» Why do you require a deposit for new clients and Advance booking ?

» Can I buy you a gift ?

» I'm twenty - can I make a booking with you ?

» I'd like to work as an Escort, can you give me some advice ?











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