FAQs Answers

» Will you go BB 'bareback' ?

Definitely NOT - NO WAY - I care about my health and I'm amazed you would suggest such a risk to us both. The occurrence of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and AIDs have risen in the last few years.

» Will you give me a BJ 'blow job' without a condom - 'OWO' 'uncovered' ?

No - many diseases and infections, genital herpes, STDs can be transmitted by giving uncovered oral sex but I will give you oral with a thin condom.

» Can I give you oral ?

Yes - that would be nice.

» Do you do 'anal' ?

NO - but I will give you anal play if you would like

» Do you do 'rimming' ?

NO - I dont, to me or you.

» What is prostate massage ?

The little gland which controls whether you cum or pee - can be massaged via the anus - using a very special (trained) technique it results in a strong climax within a few minutes. Not just a wonderful, intense pleasure but this is extremely good for the health of your prostate too (one clients doctor agreed!).











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