FAQs Answers

»Why would I visit an escort, I'm a married man, an affair would be better ?

The majority of my clients are married. An affair could seem a cheaper and easier option initially but runs the risk of the affair being found out or a mistress bringing pressure on their lover to leave their wives and sadly people always get hurt. Seeing an escort is a business transaction, nothing more. A client can see an escort once and know he has had a secret assignation and happily walk away.

» In Role Play will you be my mother?

I do not feel comfortable with this but can be your Aunty or Nurse (No Taboo subjects).

» Will you come to a nude sauna with me ?

No - I would be open to unwelcome attention from others, you are paying me to spend time with you, not to excite other men but if this is something you do like, ie cuckold, then we can discuss this as a separate service.










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updated October 15, 2018