Gift and online Delivery Code Wishlist

I'm often asked by my clients if they can send me a gift, oh yes please, tempt me do, pique my interest, especially if there is a delay before we can meet. I adore gifts, that would be so lovely, much appreciated.

Seducing me before we even meet or keep me interested before our next meeting?

If you'd like to spoil me, I have a Wishlist on the Delivery Code website where any gift on my list can be sent directly to me (shows on your card statement as 'Delivery Code')

or if it's something special you'd like me to wear for your Booking then please email your idea first, if agreeable please buy and bring along to your Booking.

See they have a huge range of fantasy outfits

My Wishlist will also give you an idea of what I like, so you can make an informed choice before we meet and give me your gift in person but please no chocolates, a girl has to look after her figure!

I really love Champagne and Chardonnay wine, Dior makeup, silk lingerie and my favourite perfume is YSL Cinema.

My size is dress UK 14 or L, bust 38D, shoes UK 6, EU 39

Thank you very much, I will show you my warm, sexy appreciation when we meet xxx

My fees, deposits are paid as 'Send a Cash Gift' paid online.


Call: 07864847696 or to make your Booking - NO SMS ENQUIRIES



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