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A mature escort - think of classic cars, vintage wines. Something or someone of mature years that has special qualities. Panache a mystic only a mature sensuous Courtesan can provide. These qualities are not readily available.

The benefits of dating a classic lady escort are exciting and rewarding. A heady mix of sophistication, patience, compassion and wild abandon along with caring and understanding.

Mature women are more confident in their sexual expressions, independent and often better or at least more experienced lovers than younger women who might excel in stamina but the classic lady will appreciates your energy more.

She may have had more partners than you but will have experienced how relationships and human interactions work, knowing the rough from the smooth. It is usual for a classic escort to have come into the business when she is older, often in her forties, not since her twenties.

Why is the age difference so attractive ?

So often younger women rely on their partners for support and assistance in life. However, a classic woman has already experienced the most influential years of her life. She has grown, matured and made important decisions in her life and can happily stand on her own two feet. You are also more likely to experience a more intellectual woman. Someone who has learnt about the important things in life and does not fret over the insignificant things in life.

Are you concerned or anxious about your sexual prowess in the bedroom ? is this something that cannot be addressed with a girlfriend/wife ? This is an area where a classic escort comes into her own. You will not shock her and it's likely she will warmly teach you a few valuable bedroom tricks - what a way learn !

Are you a young man with fantasies of the 'older' woman? looking for your very own Mrs. Robinson but without any baggage? being desired by an 'older' women can be a real turn-on. This fantasy can be experienced with a classic escort but be aware, requesting underage or mother fantasies is not something I feel comfortable with but others may be. I prefer the Aunty scenario.

A classic escort will like and enjoy a young man with energy, enthusiasm and his carefree attitude. She is in her prime and will also make an amazing date, an experience which will be a lasting memory for any man young or old.

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