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»Why do you require a deposit for new clients and Advance booking ?

Unless I've seen you before ALL Bookings require a deposit, non negotiable.

Some clients like to book in advance (more than 48 hours). If they cancel their booking, often giving very little notice, I will have already made arrangements for them, turned down other clients or made changes to my personal diary. I've even been half way to Folkestone and received a cancellation so this is why. Also it confirms who we both are and I'm working independently, all of course highly confidential.

If I see you as an Incall, then I'm giving you my address, I don't know you, another reason why I ask for a deposit but if you cancel your booking within 24 hrs, your deposit is non-refundable, see cancellations.

Your deposit is paid securely and discreetly online to a reputable online payment and gift processing company, Delivery Code plc.

Yes, I'm aware that other Escorts do use a well known online payment site but in fact it does not allow Escort Payments - read their small print.

Your card details are processed by Delivery Code for me. I would not be able to have an account with them unless I was a proven bona-fide business.

Note: I do not have any access to your card details, so this is a safe, legal and discreet way of making an online payment for both of us.

» I'm twenty - can I make a booking with you ?

No, too young for me. I prefer my clients to be over thirty but if you are in your late twenties and convince me you are a very mature young man for your age then I may see you. Please bring your ID with you.

» I'd like to become an escort, can you give me some advice ?

I get asked this a lot, so I've written Escort Guidelines (relating to UK law only). Based on my personal experiences and how I've learnt, often the hard way, over the years, especially with personal health and safety and keeping within the law. A very helpful Adobe document, 10 page document (updated 19/9/17) email your request for the document - price £15, paid online no need to log on to the site just Send a Cash Gift. When payment is confirmed I will email the Adobe document to you as an attachment, same day.










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