Prostate Massage

This is not a Domination Service

Prostate Massage is a skilled technique, which I have learnt how to do. Using a NEW, sealed in packet, prostate massager (not a butt plug) with loads of lube, painless and quickly satisfying, giving you a very deep, intense, mind-blowing strong climax. Something so completely 'just for you'. This can also be combined with a personal service as well, although it's very unlikely you will need it! but a cuddle always goes down well after!

One of my clients asked his doctor before seeing me if a prostate massage performed in this way would be a good idea and would it be benefical to his prostate gland. His doctor said yes it would if performed properly with a prostate massager (not a butt plug).

If you have erectile problems or if intercourse is not something you want or anticipate, then prostate massage could be the answer for you. This works well with the Naughty Nurse fantasy.

After use the massager is antiseptically cleaned and bagged, you have the option to keep along with a new sachet of lube or I discreetly dispose of the massager.


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